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4 hour hire - $90
1 day hire - $140
2 day hire - $270
1 week hire - $540

Weekend hire - $140

An electric 4350W , three speed Diamond Core Drill and Stand for Wet Drilling.

Max Drilling Diameter : 255mm.

A range of diamond core drills are available at an extra cost.

4350W - Core Drill and Stand -: Rentals


A 4350W electric, three speed diamond core drill for Wet drilling 

Max Drilling Diameter : 255mm 


This is an easily manoeuvrable core drill mounted in a stand.  

The diamond bit is rotated slowly with gentle pressure while being lubricated with water to prevent overheating. 

Mounted in the stand precise control is achieved through the comfort grip handle, roller bearings and quality machined teeth. 

It comes fitted with an on/off tap, which allows you to fit the supplied tube or connect to a hose to ensure longer life of the diamond tipped bits. 

RCD Protection included 

Protect yourself and your team around wet areas and unfamiliar work sites with this handy inline RCD circuit breaker. The built-in Residual Current Device (RCD) provides the best method to protect against electrocution and equipment damage. Faster acting and improved safety compared with standard over-current circuit breakers. A valuable Occupational Health & Safety tool for any toolbox. Includes test and reset buttons. 

A range of diamond core drills are available at an extra cost.

Core Drill bits can be hired on a daily rate or can be purchased and the rate is dependent on the size of core drill required:

Core Drill Range 

30 × 450 (mm) 
63 × 450 (mm) 
76 × 450 (mm) 
102 × 450 (mm) 
130 × 450 (mm) 

152 x 500 (mm)
170 × 450 (mm) 
205 × 450 (mm) 

252 × 450 (mm) 

Diamond core drills are available on request and some notice may be required to source certain sizes of core drill. 

Other sizes may be available on request 

You are also able to supply your own Core Drill bits 

Laser welded diamond core drill bits can be used in wet and dry drilling of glass, ceramic, ceramic tile, marble, granite, slate & stone. 

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