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Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

4 hour hire - $30

1 day hire - $45

2 day hire - $85

1 week hire - $170

Weekend hire - $45

A 16kg jackhammer that is easy to handle but will get your demolition job done.


16kg - 1700W 30mm-Hex Demolition Hammer

At 16kg this jackhammer is easy to handle but will still get the demolition job done.

Make those seemingly unachievable demolition jobs easily achievable without breaking your back.

Let this 16Kg Jackhammer do the hard work for you.

Supplied with 2 Chisels for Chipping, Tiling and Grooving.

The Jackhammer is ideal for demolition works, whether it be breaking up concrete, digging, chipping, squaring, grooving or as the perfect companion while on site.


Rated power input: 1700W

Impact rate: 1900bpm

Impact force: 50 Joules

Product weight: 16kg

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