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Hire a STIHL Kombi Tool accessory from Easy Hire Tools. Affordable Tool and Equipment Hire Ipswich


Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

Rate is per accessory

4 hour hire - $25

1 day hire - $35

2 day hire - $65

1 week hire - $130

Weekend hire - $35

Hire any single Stihl Kombi system accessory tool

Kombi Accessories: Rentals


HL-KM 145° - Hedge Trimmer


For demanding work on high hedges and use close to the ground. Adjustment mechanism that can be set in increments, space-saving carrying position, bar length: 50 cm

Total length: from back of engine to tip of blade - 340 cm

Length from back of engine to blade pivot point 280cm


Technical data


  • Bar length                      50 cm

  • Weight                             2.3 kg

  • Length                           148 cm


HT-KM - Pole Pruner

A long-reach Pole Pruner attachment for pruning, trimming and cutting high branches in commercial arboriculture applications.

Total length: from back of engine to tip of blade - 310 cm


Technical data


  • Weight                                     1.8 kg

  • Overall length                          126 cm

  • Carbon Fibre Extension Shaft - 1M


Carbon fibre lightweight shaft extension for the STIHL Kombi System, allows an extra meter reach with the KM-HT - Hedge Trimmer and KM-HL – Pole Pruner Kombi Tools. Aluminium outer shaft, extra light. Weight 0.9kgs.​

Brush Cutter

Brush cutter  attachment with Auto-Cut 25-2 mowing head, for mowing and trimming over grown areas of grass


A versatile straight-shaft edger attachment that gives precision to garden edging.


The straight lawn edger attachment cleans up edges with more power, the open guard design is optimised for smoother cutting and less clogging and a depth control wheel gives greater precision.


When your landscaping lines are overrun with dense growth, choose this  straight lawn edger attachment.

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