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Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

1 day hire - $155

1 week hire - $180

Weekend hire $155

A manoeuvrable, light weight and sturdy mobile aluminium scaffolding tower.

Double width platform. 

Compact folding scaffold including extension is versatile, easy to use and light.

Ideal for the Serious Handyman or light use Trade use.

A manoeuvrable, light weight and sturdy mobile aluminium scaffolding tower.

Narrow, single width platform fits through a standard doorway or gate.


  • Platform dimensions: 2.5m x 1.3m

  • Dismantles for easy transportation

  • Light and easy to assemble


  • Perfect for renovation and restoration work

  • Painting, cleaning, general maintenance work at heights

  • Shed or Carport erection


  • Width: 1.3 metres

  • Length: 2.5 metres

  • Working Levels: 3.4 metres

  • Scaffold Height: 4.4 metres Overall Scaffold Height = 5.4 metres Nominal Working Height

  • WorkCover / WorkSafe: Registered – PFS6-97368/07

  • Compliant Scaffold: Compliant for all worksites Australia wide

  • SWL225 kg

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