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Easy Hire Tools – FAQs


Q. What are the equipment hire periods?

A. Easy Hire Tools offers the following standard hire periods.

4 hours.

  • 4 hour hire rates are same day only and within normal opening hours.

  • If the equipment is returned next day or after the 4 hour hire period has expired then it will automatically be extended to a 1 day hire.

  • This hire period is not available on all equipment. Check our website page for the selected equipment for more details.

Day rate.

  • 1 Day hire rates are 24 hours.

  • Our full day rate is calculated on 8hrs of use in a 24hrs period.

Weekend Special

  • Collect equipment after 2.00pm Friday (subject to availability) or Saturday morning after 8.00am and return it on the following Monday before 9.00am.

  • This hire period is not available on all equipment. Check our website page for the selected equipment for more details.

1 Week

  • 7 calendar days

  • Weekly hire rates are discounted and charged equivalent to a 4 day rate. If the equipment is returned early on the fourth day, the hire rate will remain as a weekly rate.

Easy Hire Tools can also offer some equipment on Long Term Hire & Permanent Hire at reduced hire rates. For more information on these hire periods please contact Easy Hire Tools.

Q. Can the equipment be delivered?

A. Yes, Easy Hire Tools offers delivery and or collection up services on all our equipment. Please see the Delivery page for details on delivery rates.

Q. What are the payment options and when do I need to pay?

A. We require full payment including any fee and other charges at the start of the hire. We accept Cash, Payment via Credit Card (Visa, Master Card and Amex) instore and over the phone. We can also accept bank deposits or transfers, but these payments must be cleared prior to the commencement of the hire period.

Q. What is a Damage Waiver

A. A Damage Waiver reduces your liability for the cost of equipment hired that is lost or damaged whilst on hire. The fee is incorporated in the hire fee quoted and your liability for damage or loss to equipment is reduced except in situations expressly stated in the terms and conditions.

Q. What happens if I’m having trouble with the equipment or it breaks down?

A. it is our responsibility to ensure that the equipment is operating properly and our staff will help you in every way that they can to ensure that the equipment is operating correctly.

  • Please call Easy Hire Tools and we will attempt to solve the problem over the phone.

  • If that is not successful, we will arrange for the equipment to be serviced or exchanged. This can occur by returning the equipment to Easy Hire Tools for service and or exchange.

Q. Do I need to clean the equipment on return?

A. We service each machine after it is returned to ensure it is ready to hire for the next customer. We offer customers clean and well maintained equipment. If a piece of equipment is returned with excessive amounts of mud, dust, concrete dust, paint or other material, then a cleaning fee may be charged for this service.

Q. Do I need to refuel the equipment?

A. Yes, the equipment should be refuelled prior to return. However, if you’re unable to refuel the equipment before returning it, we can do this for, but a refuel fee will be charged for this service and the fuel may be charged at a higher cost per litre than local service stations.

Q. What are the Terms and Conditions of a Hire Contract?

A. Please click on this link for Easy Hire Tools Terms & Conditions

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