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Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

4 hour hire - $75

1 day hire - $115

2 day hire - $220

1 week hire - $440

Weekend hire $115

10% Damage Waiver fee added to the total hire rate on completion of booking.

Safety helmet with hearing protection and face visor available for $10 a day.

Optional Brushcutter Blade from $10 a day.

Hire a Battery Powered Mower and Brush Cutter Combo.

Self Propelled Battery Mower with a 21 inch deck and a    Battery Brush Cutter.

Rates include batteries and chargers

Hire a 58V Self Propelled Battery Mower with a 21inch deck and the option to install 1 or 2 batteries and increase the run time.

Run time may vary based on battery type, charge level and capacity, model, operating style and conditions.

Hire the most powerful Stihl battery brush cutter.

This robust and powerful tool is ideal for mowing grass and scrub that is within noise-sensitive areas.

Cutting circle diameter 420 mm.

Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)



Self Propelled Battery Mower - (Suitable for medium to larger areas)

This 58V Mower has a brushless motor designed for maximum performance and increased durability required for tough lawn mowing jobs.

Its heavy-duty, 2mm thick steel deck is built to provide increased durability in harsh conditions. With a large, 21” cutting path, finish jobs faster with fewer passes.

Cutting height adjustment - 7 Step

Mulching function               - Yes

Housing material                 - Steel

Cutting Width                      - 530mm 

Cutting Height                     - 18-75mm

Speed                                    - Variable Speed

Engine type                           - Battery 58 V

Grass Catcher Box                - 70L

FSA 135 -  Quiet and Efficient Mowing

Runtime with AP 300S battery is approximately  50 to 100 minutes.

the FSA 135 brush cutter offers ideal conditions for maintaining greenery and mowing grass and scrub. You can use the ergonomic control handle of the scythe to regulate the speed continuously . In order to work as efficiently as possible, you have the option of setting three speed levels at which you work in an energy-saving manner. The energy-saving mode is indicated by an LED. An air filter with a metal grille ensures a long service life because the engine is optimally cooled. In addition, this air filter is easy to clean. Due to the low noise emissions, you can also work in noise-sensitive areas.


Runtime                         - AP 300S = 50 -100 minutes

Sound pressure level  - 80 dB

Sound power level      - 92 dB

Weight (inc. battery)   – 7kg

Total length                  - 188 cm

Cutting diameter         - 420 mm

Cutting tool                  - AutoCut C26-2

Rated voltage               - 36 V

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