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50L TANK - 220L/MIN

Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)


4 hour hire - $35

1 day hire - $50

2 day hire - $95

1 week hire - $190

Weekend hire $50

Hire an easily portable direct drive air compressor with a 50 litre tank and Free Air Delivery (FAD)  of 220L per minute.


Hire an easily portable Direct drive air compressor with a 50 litre tank and Free Air Delivery (FAD)  of 220L per minute.

This compact compressor has a powerful high volume V-Twin cast head pump which gives you a large output. The 50L horizontal tank is ideal for all trade use and easy to transport just about anywhere! It's fitted with 8" rubber wheels and rubber feet for stability and anti-vibration when it's in use. Comes with a pressure switch and a safety valve. 


  • Suitable for air ratchets and light tools

  • Suitable for blow gun and cleaning

  • Suitable for filling tyres and other items with air

  • Suitable for air nailing (fixing gun)

  • Air Brushing


  • 3.0HP Direct Drive

  • 50L metal body tank AS1210 approved

  • High Durablity 

  • Large anti-vibration foot stabilizer

  • Half-enclosed cover for protection and ventilation

  • Pressure gauge for easy monitoring

  • Easy Accessible Drain Valve 

  • Trade quality design and engineerig

  • High Volume V-Twin Cast head pump

  • 1/4" Brass valve outlet, nitto coupling

  • 8" Rubber Wheels


  • Power: 3.0HP Aluminium wire motor

  • Voltage: 240V/50Hz

  • Current: 10A

  • Tank capacity: 50L

  • Rated Speed: 2850RPM

  • Pump displacement: 350L/min

  • FAD: 220L/min

  • Max Pressure: 800kPa / 8 Bar

  • Outlet: 1x 1/4"

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 770 x 320 x 640mm

  • Weight: 42kg

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