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10KVA - 8KW
1 x 19A  OUTLET - 3  PHASE

Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

4 hour hire - $100

1 day hire - $140

2 day hire - $270

1 week hire - $540

Weekend hire - $140

Light & portable 10kVA 240/415V three-phase generator

Powering multiple machines at job sites doesn’t get any easier. This light, compact 10 kVA petrol generator conveniently powers single phase and 3-phase equipment at the same time.


The 10kVA 240/415V generator is ideal for professionals in the construction and flooring industries. Suitable for use in rental yards, construction sites, and rural areas, it provides a convenient, compact, portable way to power 240V single phase and 415V three phase equipment.

Weighing a little more than 100 kilos you can have the 10kVA generator off your truck and in position where it is needed, with no fuss at all. Designed with advanced magnetic flux alternator technology the generator produces power from a much smaller package than competitive generators with the same rating.

This light, compact 10kVA petrol generator packs a big punch for its small size. It simultaneously powers two single phase tools up to 15A and one three-phase 11A/415V machine. And with power outlets included as standard, there is no messing with voltage switches, just plug in and go.

  • 240v single phase/415v three-phase

  • Output: 8000W/10KVA

  • Max Amps Single-Phase: 15A @ 240v

  • Max Amps Three-Phase: 11A @ 415v 

  • Outlet Sockets: 2 x 15A single-phase and 1 x 19A three-phase sockets - RCBO protection.

  • 4-Stroke GX390 Honda Motor

  • Starting system: Manual

  • 6.1 litre fuel tank

  • Nett weight 100kg

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