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Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

4 hour hire - $45

1 day hire - $65

2 day hire - $125

1 week hire - $250

Weekend hire - $65

These Hitachi Jack Hammers are perfect for trade or DIY applications. Featuring a 1400W motor, User Vibration Protection and a standard 30mm hex bit holder


16.5kg Hitachi Demolition Jackhammer.

These Hitachi Jack Hammers are perfect for most trade applications. Featuring a 1400Watt motor, User Vibration Protection, Aluminium Housing Body which firmly holds the armature and improves durability of the motor plus a standard 30mm hex bit holder

Comes with 2 Chisels for Chipping, Tiling and Grooving

Let this Powerful Hitachi Jackhammer do the hard work for you

Hitachi Demolition Hammer Features:

Strongest demolition performance in this class
Internal double-insulated construction with sturdy aluminium frame
Soft grip and shock absorbing handle
Soft grip side handle
Hitachi Demolition Hammer Specifications:


  • Power Input: 1,400W

  • Full Load Impact Rate: 1,400/min.

  • Bit Shank: 30mm Hex. (1-3/16")

  • Joules: 42J

  • Weight: 16.5kg (36.4lbs.)

  • Overall Length: 726mm (28-19/32")

For safety a Residual Current Device must be used with the tool

We can supply an inline RCD for $10 a day


Protect yourself and your team around wet areas and unfamiliar work sites with this handy inline RCD circuit breaker. The built-in Residual Current Device (RCD) provides the best method to protect against electrocution and equipment damage. Faster acting and improved safety compared with standard over-current circuit breakers. A valuable Occupational Health & Safety tool for any toolbox. Includes test and reset buttons.

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