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Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

4 hour hire - $45

1 day hire - $65

2 day hire - $115

1 week hire - $230

Weekend hire - $65

14kg Jackhammer, tile chisel and floor scraper attachment bits


If you have a small tiled area to clear or access will not allow you to use one of our Tile remover jackhammer and trolley tile removal packages, then this jackhammer package is another option.

It should remove old flooring surfaces from tricky adhesive and stubborn mortar without the need for manual floor scraping tools.

It is supplied with a 130mm wide super tough flexible steel chisel as well as a floor scraper tool.

The chisel is ideal for lifting ceramic tiles off at a high removal rate, whilst the floor scraper has a replaceable flexible blade & that's designed to be very efficient at removing glue from flooring.

The flexible steel tip naturally allows the blade to get underneath the flooring material and separate it from the surface.  

Attach the chisel or floor scraper to a 16Kg electric jackhammer and get those tiles removed.

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