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Hire a Moving Package of 3 Appliance Trolleys  from Easy Hire Tools. Affordable Tool Hire Ipswich


Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

Moving Package (all 3 trolleys)

4 hour hire - $30

1 day hire - $50

2 day hire - $95

1 week hire - $190

Weekend hire - $50

A package of 3 Hand Trolleys

Moving Package Stair Climbing Trolley and  Two Appliance  Hand Trollies: Products


Large Appliance Stair Climber Trolley 300kg

Large Appliance Stair Climber Trolley comes with fully welded powder coated steel frame, poly load protectors, stair climber wheels and 300kg load rating.

The added dolly wheels and fitted safety rachet makes it easy to move when under-weight.

Heavy duty welded steel construction

Powder coated frame for added strength and longevity

Puncture proof stair climber wheels for increased productivity and ability to move up and down staircases

Dolly wheels for easy steering of heavy load

Poly strips on vertical frame protects load

Pre fitted safety ratchet allows user to secure the load

300 Kg Appliance Tilt Trolley

Heavy Duty, Tilting Hand Truck ideal for Whitegoods and Appliances.

300kg Continual Working Load.

Open Shoe: 430mm x 230mm deep.

Curved back with looped handle.

Supplied with adjustable height ratchet safety strap

250kg Fridge & Appliance Removals Trolley

Heavy Duty, Tilting Hand Truck ideal for Whitegoods and Appliances.

250kg Continual Working Load

Tubular hand inserts act as comfortable gripping points

Rear handle stiffens frame and provides another grab point

80mm nylon jockey wheels help position fridge on delicate floors

Non-marking nylon hosing bonded to frame with heavy duty adhesive

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