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Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

4 hour hire - $40

1 day hire - $60

2 day hire - $115

1 week hire - $230

Weekend hire - $60

Add an inline RCD for $10 a day

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Make cleaning that patio or deck easy with an Electric 1800psi pressure washer.


Make cleaning that patio or deck easy with a Karcher 18000psi Electric Pressure Washer.

  • Performance: 1800 PSI @ 9 Litres per Minute.

  • Engine: 230V Electric Motor-10A.

  • Pump:Comet Brass Axial pump.

  • Frame: Mobile Unit with Wheels.

  • Weight: 50Kg.

Accessories included:

  • 15 Metres of hose on reel.

  • 15 degree Nozzle. 

  • Gun & Lance.

  • Lance with rotating nozzle.

For safety a Residual Current Device (RCD) is required be used with this Pressure Washer.


Protect yourself and your team around wet areas and unfamiliar work sites with this handy inline RCD circuit breaker. The built-in Residual Current Device (RCD) provides the best method to protect against electrocution and equipment damage. Faster acting and improved safety compared with standard over-current circuit breakers. A valuable Occupational Health & Safety tool for any toolbox. Includes test and reset buttons.

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