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Hire an 50Kg Tow Behind  Seed or Fertiliser Spreader  from Easy Hire Tools. Affordable Tool Hire


Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

4 hour hire - $35

1 day hire - $50

2 day hire - $95

1 week hire - $180

Weekend hire - $50

This Tow behind Broadcast Spreader is designed to distribute a wide range of materials including seeds and fertiliser

Seed - Fertiliser Spreader                 Tow Behind or Push operation: Product


This Tow Broadcast Spreader is designed to distribute a wide range of materials, and makes the tiresome task of spreading seeds and fertiliser a breeze.

The spreader can be towed with a suitable vehicle, such an ATV, ride-on mower or tractor.

The rust-free 50kg hopper takes a good quantity of material.

The convenient control lever box allows you to have complete control over the application rate.

Boasting a universal design, this seed and fertilizer spreader conveniently fits all brands of riding lawn tractors. 10 Inch tyres provide sure-grip traction and smooth-rolling manoeuvrability. 

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