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Hire a 4000psi Turbo Head from Easy Hire Tools. Affordable Tool and Equipment Hire in Ipswich


Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)
4 hour hire - $10
1 day hire - $10
2 day hire - $15
1 week hire - $30

Weekend hire $10

Concentrate the high pressure output of a 3000psi or 4000psi pressure washer with a Turbo Head

Turbo nozzles work by spinning a nozzle or jet at a very high speed. The discharged water does not fan meaning the force of the jet stream does not dissipate like ordinary nozzles.

The concentrated jet stream hitting the surface is equivalent to a cleaning effect up to 60% higher than with a fan jet making turbo nozzles very popular and highly effective under many applications.

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