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Hire a water filled 60L Turf Roller from Easy Hire Tools. Affordable Tool and Equipment Hire


Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

4 hour hire - $10

1 day hire - $20

2 day hire - $35

1 week hire - $70

Weekend hire $20

A 60 litre water filled Turf Roller giving a maximum weight of 60kgs

Turf Roller 60L- Water Filled: Product


Our Water Rollers are a convenient gardener and landscapers’ tool for maintaining a lawn, laying turf, seeding and establishing a new lawn.

The 60L drum allows you to adjust the rolling weight to suit each use. 

Suitable to press grass seed into the soil, it can also be used to even small bumps in already established lawns.

This water roller is a must when laying down new turf as you firstly even the soil, then press the new grass to the soil to maximise contact between the roots and ground.

Maintain a smooth and level lawn with total and complete ease. Water filled plastic garden rollers. Useful when landscaping laying turf, maintaining an even lawn or after mowing for a textured effect

60L Polytuff Lawn roller drum, impact resistant and U.V stabilised.

Roller drum features two strong 25mm bungs for improved filling/emptying times​.

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