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Hire this Stihl TS 700 Concrete Saw, with a 350mm blade and 120mm depth of cut  from Easy Hire Tools. Affordable Tool and Equipment Hire in Ipswich and Brisbane
Hire this Hitachi 18kg Jackhammer from Easy Hire Tools. Affordable Tool and Equipment Hire in Ipswich and Brisbane


Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

4 hour hire - $135

1 day hire - $185

2 day hire - $360

1 week hire - $720

Weekend hire - $185

All rates include a 5L can of 2 Stroke Fuel

4 Hourly hire rate includes 1mm of blade usage

Daily hire rate includes 2mm of blade usage per day

Weekly hire rate includes 10mm of blade usage

Subsequent blade usage is charged at $10 per mm​

Stihl TS700 demolition Saw - 350mm blade.

Optional STIHL Cutquik Cart for $25 a day

​Optional cutting direction indicator for $10 a day

Optional 14L Hose to Go Water Supply Tank for $20 a day

Hitachi 18kg Demolition Jackhammer



Stihl TS700 Demolition Saw - 350mm blade.

A powerful and versatile 2 stroke, motorised demolition saw with a maximum cutting depth of 110mm, with a 350mm blade installed.

Powerful 5.0 kW cut-off machine for 350 mm cutting wheels. Designed to deliver peak performance on construction jobs.

The TS700 can be operated by hand or using the optional FW 20 cart.


Saw can be hired including a Stihl FW20 trolley from an extra $25 a day

Technical data

  • Displacment                    cm           98.5

  • Power output                  kW/bhp  5.0/6.8

  • Power output                  kW           5

  • Weight                             kg            11.6

  • Cut-Off Wheel                 mm          350

  • Max. cutting depth         mm         116

  • Tank volume                    ml            1.200

Optional STIHL Cutquik Cart

 STIHL Cutquik Cart is specially designed for use with STIHL cut-off machines when cutting expansion cuts or curbs and a wheeled tool is necessary. This cart offers improved handling and cutting performance with a forward weight orientation and a toolless quick connect system. The cart also features a large deflector as well as sealed bearing wheels to help keep out dust and debris. The handle folds for easy transport, making this lightweight, compact and portable cart an ideal accessory to anyone that uses a cut-off machine.

Hitachi 18kg Demolition Jackhammer - Electric - 10A - Includes 2 Chisels

​Make those seemingly unachievable demolition jobs easily achievable without breaking your back

Let this Powerful Hitachi Jackhammer do the hard work for you


  • High demolishing performance with low vibration and noise

  •  UVP (User Vibration Protection) Shock absorbing handle & internal vibration absorber

  • AHB (Aluminium Housing Body)

  • Large trigger switch with lock on function


  • Weight: 18kg

  • Power Input: 1,400W

  • Full Load Impact Rate: 1,400/min.

  •  Bit Shank: 30mm Hex.

  • Joules: 45J

  • Overall Length: 731mm 

For safety a Residual Current Device must be used with the tool

We can supply an inline RCD for $10 a day


Protect yourself and your team around wet areas and unfamiliar work sites with this handy inline RCD circuit breaker. The built-in Residual Current Device (RCD) provides the best method to protect against electrocution and equipment damage. Faster acting and improved safety compared with standard over-current circuit breakers. A valuable Occupational Health & Safety tool for any toolbox. Includes test and reset buttons.

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