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Easy Hire Rates (Incl. GST)

Kombi Brush Cutter and Petrol Engine

4 hour hire - $45

1 day hire - $70

2 day hire - $135

1 week hire - $270

Weekend hire - $70

10% Damage Waiver fee added to the total hire rate on completion of booking.

  • Safety helmet with hearing protection and face visor available for $10 a day.

  • Change to Battery Engine for $10 a day.

The versatile STIHL Kombi System will take the effort out of many tough garden jobs.
The Kombi System is a powerful petrol engine with a choice of Kombi attachments will save you time.


Hire a package of tools with an engine to complete your garden clean up.


Hire the engine with the Brush Cutter.


  • Stihl KM131 R Professional application engine.

  • Brush Cutter accessory.


Stihl KM131 R Professional application engine

For professional applications requiring high performance. A simplified start-up sequence for convenient starting, stop button, larger fuel tank for extended use, paper air filter and loop handle.


Technical Data


Displacement                          36.3 cm³        

Power output                            1.4 kW

Length to coupling sleeve       935 cm

Tank volume                           710.00ml

Brush Cutter

Brush cutter  attachment with Auto-Cut 25-2 mowing head, for mowing and trimming over grown areas of grass.


A full set of instructions will be provided for you and we will also demonstrate the operation of the Kombi Tool.

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